Blog Writing Services

You Need Blogs

You need a steady stream of fresh content to get noticed on the web.  That's why blogs are so important.

Does your e-comm site lack the marketing potential of a regular blog?  Do you have a money making blog that could use more content?  Would it help to outsource some of your writing needs?

I can help you.

I've Done This Before

I've blogged on a wide variety of subjects, including law, travel, cooking, eco-news, fashion, weddings, photography, health and fitness, real estate, investments, careers, construction and home improvement, technology and apps, parenting, childcare, screenwriting and the entertainment industry and -- yes -- blogging.
I've provided content for blogs in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia.  I work to make myself aware of local dialects, and I adjust my English to fit your blog's origin.

I Don't Take Credit, Unless You Want Me To

I'm a ghost blogger, so I don't require any credit.  But I'm always willing to put my name on anything I write.  Either way, the effort I put in remains the same.

I Speak In Your Voice

One of my strengths is maintaining the integrity of your vision.  I do this by thoroughly researching your areas of interest and adopting a consistent voice that matches any already-existing content, as well the look, feel and spirit of your blog.

I Know What People Are Searching For

You want your blog to be seen.  You'll need to include the right keywords and key phrases in your posts.  Don't worry, I'll do that for you.