The Number Of Total World Websites Is Over One Billion! How Can Yours Succeed?

Hire a web writing specialist.

You'll hear it again and again.  Content is king.  The more quality content your website contains, the more traffic you'll get and the better you'll do at converting sales when you get it.

But that's only part of the truth.

The whole truth is:  Written content is king.  Your website may look great.  Killer logo.  Slick graphics.  But in most cases it's still the writing that does the heavy lifting.   If the writing isn't good, your site will fail.

I'm a professional website content writer with two sites of my own

I've been a freelance writer for over a decade.  I run two of my own boutique websites, so I know what small businesses need: reliable services at rates that don't eat up all the profits.  

I Understand Writing For The Internet

I'm familiar with SEO best practices, basic HTML, keyword and key phrase analysis and long tail marketing -- all from a writer’s perspective.  In other words, I'm always aware of the search engines, but I write for human beings.

Nowadays, you can use automated programs to build a great looking website by yourself, but filling it with engaging "Search Engine Optimized" content -- that's something a computer can't do for you.

I'm The Right Mix Of Value And Expertise

There are some bargain-basement "McContent" sites out there with an ever-changing crew of underpaid associates.  You don't really know who's churning out your copy.  I'm a boutique. Unless we agree otherwise, I will do all of your work personally.

On the flip side there are high-priced web copy "gurus" with more established sites than I have. Some of them are excellent, if you can afford them.

Here at EPIC, I'm positioned in between those two extremes.  I offer quality writing and professional customer service at a reasonable price.

The name of this company encapsulates my mission.  Some websites enjoy epic success while others sputter along for a brief moment in time.  You don't want your website to be a low-budget period piece.  You want it to be epic.  My mission is to help you make that happen.


Doug Davidson
EPIC Web Content